Review: GameSir G7 SE Controller for Xbox

GameSir, known for their wide variety of gaming controller products, has recently come out with a new Xbox-licensed controller. The new GameSir G7 SE wired controller for Xbox employs Hall Effect analog sticks and triggers. Using Hall Effect technology, this controller endeavors to push the longevity and accuracy of your inputs to the next level. Also sporting quick-latch paddles, a magnetic swappable face plate, and an assortment of customizability options, this controller has a lot to offer in a $44.99 package.

Let’s dive into GameSir G7 SE controller for Xbox to see what $44.99 gets you.

Build and Comfort

The GameSir G7 SE comes with a 3-meter USB-C to USB-A cable and a code for a one-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This controller utilizes a very familiar Xbox controller shape and layout. You get the four face buttons, dual-analog sticks, D-pad, bumpers, triggers, menu, view, and share buttons arranged in a manner that you would expect.

However, there a various controls and buttons that are somewhat unique to the GameSir G7 SE. You have an “M” button on the front, which is used with the D-pad to control the master volume and game/chat balance of your connected wired headset. A wired headset can be connected to the 3.5mm jack at the bottom of the controller which sits next to a mic mute toggle button.

On the back you have R4 and L4 paddle-like buttons that can be remapped using the GameSir Nexus software for Xbox or Windows. Each of these rear buttons are equipped with quick-latch switches which can be used to lock these buttons when they are not in use. Then, within the controller you have four rumble zones, one in each trigger and one within each handle.

What makes the GameSir G7 SE particularly unique are the Hall Effect analog sticks and analog triggers. This technology allows the controller to detect movement in the analog sticks and triggers without physical contact with internal sensors. Thanks to this contactless sensing technology, the natural wear and tear from the G7 SE’s analog sticks and triggers is significantly reduced. As such, GameSir touts up to 5 million cycles of anti-drift uses from these sticks with up to 0.1mm of tracking accuracy. Not only is the GameSir G7 SE built for precise and accurate inputs, but it is built to last.

From the moment I pulled the controller from its box, I liked the general feel of the GameSir G7 SE. The controller’s plastic does not get too warm after hours of continuous use and the textured grips make the controller very easy to handle. The rubber textured tips of the thumbsticks felt both comfortable and easy to grip. Thanks to its familiar Xbox controller layout, there was no learning curve whatsoever with the G7 SE. I plugged it in and dove comfortably into my everyday gaming.

The simple addition of the “M” button gives you full control of your connected headset’s inbound volumes without cluttering the controller with extra buttons. Holding down the “M” button while pressing up or down on the D-Pad controls the master volume. Meanwhile, holding the same button and pressing left or right lets you manage your game and chat volume balance. Throw in the mic mute toggle button at the bottom of the controller and the GameSir G7 SE gives you practically full control of your wired headsets.

I especially like how the back paddle buttons are implemented with the GameSir G7 SE. The R4 and L4 buttons do not protrude too much or get in the way of comfortable handling. Yet, they are still highly accessible and easy to reach for. If you are the type of gamer that crouch spams in shooters, then these buttons are a solid option for you. However, if you are not a user of the rear buttons or paddles seen on many of today’s controllers, then you will love the G7 SE’s quick latches. When the quick latches are engaged, these R4 and L4 are locked in place. Not only does this stop accidental presses, but these out-of-the-way buttons keep from becoming a distraction to your more traditional controller usage.

From a build and comfort standpoint, the GameSir G7 SE is a solid, comfortable and effective controller. It sports all of the physical features you would expect from a $60 controller. However, it brings you that level of quality at a more approachable $45 price point.

Features and Performance

From an already solid build, the GameSir G7 SE is reinforced with a rich feature set through the free GameSir Nexus software for Xbox and Windows. Through the software, you can handle firmware updates, remap buttons, manage analog and trigger dead zones, activate hair triggers, and customize vibration intensity. You can then save your custom settings to up to three profiles that you can swap between as needed.

The level of customization that the GameSir G7 SE offers you is impressive. You get all of the options that you would expect from a current day licensed Xbox controller for a reasonable price. The software’s features and menus are easy to use and understand. If you need to swap between your profiles while you are gaming, you just use the M button in combination with either the X, Y, A or B button to apply that profile’s setting.

For example…

Hold M and Press B Applies Profile 1
Hold M and Press A Applies Profile 2
Hold M and Press X Applies Profile 3
Hold M and Press Y Applies Default Settings

Also, you do not have to use the software at all if you do not want to. There is a myriad of button combinations defined in the G7 SE’s manual that allow you to change controller settings directly. Directly from the controller, you can either remap the R4 and L4 buttons or calibrate the triggers and thumbsticks. I can see the value of fiddling with settings in this manner as it allows you to immediately test your settings on the fly. However, I found it to be easier to simply use the more intuitive interface from the app.

As for the performance, the GameSir G7 SE does not disappoint. The comfort and feel of the controller combine with the accuracy of the Hall Effect thumbsticks, allowing for solid and successful gameplay. In first person shooters I felt right at home with the G7 SE, regardless of the game I was playing. In Apex Legends, the controller handled well as I collected wins in Ranked Battle Royal and in more casual playlists like Gun Run.

The controller also played nicely in Destiny 2, in both the Crucible and Trials of Osiris. I also used the G7 SE on PC during my review of the SteelSeries Arena 7 speakers. Even in the sweatier PC lobbies, I was still able to hold my own.

Then back on the Xbox Series X, I was able to achieve yet another flawless run in Trials of Osiris, three weeks ago. Considering that the map that week was Bannerfall, I ended up engaged in a lot of long-range fire fights with my Long Arm scout rifle. Here, I continued to enjoy the accuracy of the G7 SE’s thumb sticks as I fought my way to the light house.

Final Thoughts

The GameSir G7 SE is a solid controller that more than validates its price. On the surface, it is an effective and comfortable controller with a simple and straight-forward design. Beneath the surface, the controller’s contactless Hall Effect components drive thumbstick accuracy while also lengthening the controller’s lifespan. You then have a thorough customization app that offers you all of the personalization options that you would expect for an Xbox controller today. At $44.99, the GameSir G7 SE delivers on every front.

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† There are no affiliate links contained within this post. We were provided a GameSir G7 SE controller for review purposes and were not compensated for this review.