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Review: STM Goods BagPack – Collapsible Laptop Backpack

STM Goods BagPack

At CES 2024, we got the chance to check out yet another product from STM Goods, the BagPack. STM GoodsBagPack can hold up to 16” laptops with a max of 15L of storage. What makes this bag unique is its ability to collapse into a small stowable form factor despite offering cushy laptop protection. When it is in its collapsed form, this bag is easy to store away, not taking up the space of a 15L backpack. However, in its backpack form, this bag protects your laptop using a fast and easily inflatable airbag.

Let’s take a closer look at STM GoodsBagPack to see what it gives you for $79.95.

STM Goods BagPack Specs

Dimensions (Backpack)48 x 31.5 x 16 cm / 18.9 x 12.4 x 6.3 in
Dimensions (Collapsed)24.1 x 15.2 x 10.2 cm / 9.5 x 6.0 x 4.0 in
Weight0.5 kg / 1.1 lbs
Capacity15 L / 915.4 in
Matertials100% nylon
Specs taken from product page.

The BagPack comes in two colors, black and coffee. From the moment you take the BagPack out of its packaging, you can see just how compact the bag can be in its collapsed form. See how it compares in size to my Lenovo Yoga Book 9i, a 13.3-inch laptop. It is a convenient size for stuffing in your larger jacket pockets or stowing away in your luggage for you to use later when you land.

In “backpack mode”, the BagPack features a 15L main compartment, a zippered front pocket, and two side pockets for items like umbrellas or drink bottles. The arm straps are adjustable and are quite easy to use. Simply side the BagPack on, pull down on the straps, and you are off to the races. Being as light as it is, the bag itself is quite comfortable to wear. Even when full, the BagPack maintains a stable grip around your shoulders, even without the inclusion of a sturnum strap. Throughout all of this, your belongings are protected by rugged 210D nylon material.

What separates the BagPack from other collapsible bags is its ability to provide protection for laptops up to 16-inches in size. Described by STM Goods as a one-breath fast inflation air bag, the laptop cushioning indeed inflates as quickly as advertised.

I was able to inflate the laptop airbag in less than ten seconds, without much effort. The airbag also deflates just as fast, with a simple push of the center button at the inflation point. Deflation was just as simple as inflation, where I held down the deflation button with one hand while using my other hand to squeeze out any residual air.

While you do not ever have to remove the airbag for inflation, deflation or to collapse the bag, it is indeed removable. This allowed us to get a better look at the kind of protection that laptops are getting from this bag. It was interesting to see how much cushioning the airbag provides with less than ten seconds of manual inflation. Considering that many laptop sleeves use nothing more than thick sleeves for laptop protection, the BagPack and its compact nature offers cushioning that rivals many of those solutions.

When it came to collapsing the BagPack down to its compact form, it took a little bit practice to get used to the process. The BagPack’s front zippered pocket doubles as the bag’s stow away pouch, where you work your way towards getting the BagPack back into this pocket. The side of the BagPack’s packaging shows you how to do this in six easy steps. Although, it took me a little bit of time on my first try to get the bag to stow away cleanly or quickly. However, as I started to show the bag off to others, I found myself getting faster and faster with practice. In terms of ease, the bag-collapsing process is not too bad, where you will find yourself packing the bag up more efficiently over time.

Diving inside the bag, the BagPack’s 15L of storage gives you a lot of room to work with. I was able to comfortably store two 13-inch laptops, a full change of gym clothes, and a four-pack of toilet paper just for kicks. Even with all of these items inside, the BagPack still looked like it could store a shirt if I felt like pushing the envelope. That is a lot of storage for a bag that collapses as tightly as it does.

STM’s BagPack has quickly become my go-to backpack for my daily travels. At its core, it is a very capable and comfortable backpack that appears to store much more than it lets on. While finding a collapsable backpack is an easy task today, not many, if any, offer this level of laptop protection. Inflating and deflating the laptop sleeve takes mere seconds, and collapsing the BagPack into itself becomes faster and easier over time. The BagPack is a solid backpack that is as easy to store as it is to use. With a product as handy as this one, the only thing I could wish for it is more color options.

If you are looking for a simple tech bag that is easy to store away when not in use, the BagPack is the very first bag I suggest you check out. I am personally looking forward to bringing the BagPack with me to my next convention. You can check out STM GoodsBagPack for yourself by clicking here or purchase it by clicking here.

† We were provided with an STM Goods BagPack for the purpose of this review.

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