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About Us

BooredatWork was started because we were tired of visiting multiple websites, social media outlets, and YouTube channels to satisfy our need for tech reviews, entertainment news, and stories the mainstream media does not cover.

The BooredatWork team is comprised of people with backgrounds and experience in engineering, finance, information technology, healthcare, the film industry, just to name a few.

Thus, we can provide tech reviews, cover entertainment news, and everything else all in one place with distinctive viewpoints.

Meet the BooredatWork Team​

Executive Editor
and Founder

BooredatWork's Executive Editor/ Founder
Booredatwork Website Head Writer
Chris Saldivar

Head Writer

Gamer Gal

Pop Culture Editor / Site Manager

Ose Oronsaye: Media & Visual Editor
Ose Oronsaye

 Media & Visual Editor

Femi Ashafa: Writer / Site Developer
Femi Ashafa

Writer / Site Developer

Ad Press Writer
Louis Rodriguez

Ad Press Writer