Pax West 2023 – New REALMz Controllers by PDP

At Pax West 2023, we got the chance to check out PDP’s latest gaming peripheral line, REALMz. The REALMz collection features an array of new controllers and a new wired headset. The allure of the REALMz line center around their translucent body designs housing licensed figurine characters. The line will feature characters and designs from franchises such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Pikmin, and Transformers.

At the show, we got to see many controller offerings for the Nintendo Switch and one Sonic-branded controller for Xbox. The controllers employ a 3-layered design, with the foreground and background showcasing artwork matching either a stage or design from the character’s game. Encased within the handle of the controller is a 3D sculpted figurine from the featured game or franchise. The controllers also feature lighting that players can alter from the controllers themselves.

The Nintendo Switch models shown on the show floor featured Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Optimus Prime, and Pikmin. The wired REALMz Nintendo Switch controllers have a 3.5mm port at the bottom for connecting a wired headset. All of the Nintendo Switch controller models also have controls for managing your game’s outbound volume directly from the controller, using the D-Pad. The wireless versions of the Nintendo Switch REALMz controllers are priced at $59.99 while their wired variants will go for $39.99.

The Optimus Prime Nintendo Switch REALMz controller is set to come out around the time of Transformers: EarthSpark Expedition’s release on October 13. Meanwhile, the Pikmin model of this controller will become available this winter.

Also shown was the soon-to-be-released Sonic-Go-Fast REALMz wired headset for the Nintendo Switch. Aesthetically pairing nicely with any of the Sonic-branded REALMz controllers, this $39.99 headset houses a Sonic figurine of its own. The headset features 40mm drivers, an onboard master volume dial and a flip-to-mute noise canceling boom mic.

As for Xbox, the product showcased on the floor was the REALMz Sonic Speed wired controller for Xbox Series X|S and PC. This controller has all the features seen in the Nintendo Switch wired controllers above. However, this model also includes controls for managing chat and game volume balance. You can further customize your experience with this controller using the PDP Control Hub app. Through the app, you can reconfigure triggers, customize dead zones, remap buttons and more. This Xbox Series X|S & PC REALMz wired controller is priced at $49.99.

Nintendo Switch REALMz™ Wired Controller: Tails Seaside Hill Zone

These controllers are extremely light, which should allow for easy and comfortable handling for gamers of all ages. The figurines encased with the controllers and headset have just the right about of detail to them, making them into some pretty attractive gaming peripherals. You can check out the entire REALMz line up by clicking here.