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Join the fun with these toy highlights from Spring Fling! #WeKnowPlay

Toy Insider - Spring Fling 2024

Spring is here and with it came one of my favorite events: Spring Fling. It’s a fun event where I got to tap into my inner child and check out a sampling of upcoming toy releases. From blind boxes to party games, there is certainly something for everyone so let’s check out some of my favorites from the event.


These sweet smelling plushies are so darn cute! Each mystery plushie comes in it’s own little toaster and are amazingly soft, squishy and deliciously scented. There are 12 scented Toasty Treatz for kids to collect across two seasons. Will you find Pnutty & Jam Tiger, Pan Kitty, Panda Au Chocolat, Unicorn Tart, Strudel Poodle or maybe the ultra-rare Bluebunny Waffle?

Spring Fling 2024 - Hasbro Battleship Splash Game

Hasbro Battleship Splash Game

Play the classic board game in the pool! Place your battleships in the water, load your water blasters then, stand back and blast your opponent’s battleship with water. The goal is to sink your opponent’s ship before they sink yours. Sounds like a splashing good time if you ask me.

Nerf Super SoakerS

With the Nano Soakers®, you’ll be ready for a water fight any time! The CPS100 Nano Soaker fits right into your keychain and has a 18ft (5.5m) range! Plus, let’s not forget that Nerf is always releasing new soakers so you can build up your arsenal to fit your play style.

Fingerlings Sweet Tweets

Record and play secret messages with these interactive birds! With over 40+ sounds and reactions, you can record a message then play back the messages to share with friends. Off your finger, the Fingerling bird listens and repeats everything you say! Press the bird’s wings to hear more tweets, songs and other cute sounds.

Spring Fling 2024 - Deddy Bears

Deddy Bears

A line of deadly adorable and soft plushies that come in their own body bag or coffin. Each bear comes with its own death certificate and autopsy report.

Spring Fling 2024 - The Sandoichis

The Sandoichis™

What happens when you mix cute animals and sandwiches? You get a line of charming plushies that come from “a mystical sandwich ​shop where the possibilities are endless, ​but the condiments cost extra”.1 Which sando are you chasing?

Spring Fling 2024 - Rubik's Cube

Rubik’s Cube

Can you believe the Rubik’s Cube turns 50 this year? To celebrate this milestone, there is a very special edition Rubik’s Cube that is designed to look and feel like the classic puzzle from the ’70s swapping the yellow tiled side for gold.

Additionally, the Rubik’s Cube is now also available as an accessible toy for the visually impaired. The modified toy has tactile tiles that help distinguish between the different colored tiles. Be sure to keep an eye for this variant at your local specialty toy shop.

And finally, we have the Rubik’s Gridlock. A tile version that puts a “new twist on the classic Rubik’s Cube with a game inspired by the iconic brain teaser made to challenge your flexible thinking, speed, and problem-solving skills”.2

Spring Fling 2024 - Lego


A classic at any toy event, LEGO had a bevy of building kits showcased. This is just a few that caught my eye and honestly, you can never go wrong with a LEGO kit. From flowers to pop culture sets featuring Harry Potter, Dune and Polaroid, there is definitely a set for any age and anybody.

Spring Fling 2024 - Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys Toys

The popular game now has a brand-new physical toy line to collect! “Whether you are a collector or a Stumble Guys enthusiast, these toys are the perfect way to ramp up your excitement, as they are carefully designed to capture the essence of the game, making them a must-have for any Stumble Guys fan!”3

Spring Fling 2024 - Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Figures

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire hits theaters this Friday and with it comes a toy refresh! As Kong and Godzilla battle to save the earth on the big screen, you can grab the 11″ Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Godzilla Evolved Giant Figure from Target as well as various other monsters featured in the new film.

Jurassic World Captivz Color Change

Color changing slime and dinos?!? Count me in! Each slime egg includes: a Color Change Dinosaur, Color Change Slime, Collectors Card and Collectors Guide. Both the dino and slime change color in warm and cold water.

Spring Fling 2024 - Fuggler

Fuggler™: Funny Ugly Monster

I know, I know, I just love plushies! What can I tell ya? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles join the line in true Fuggler fashion featuring that signature toothy smile with their individual pizza box.


How well do you know your musical timeline? Hitster puts your musical knowledge to the test in this party game where you and up to ten friends go head to head guessing the decade in which a particular song was released. First one to get 10 correct wins in this game that is sure to have you paying closer attention to your Spotify playlist.

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