The Weekly BIG End of the Year Giveaway

Its been an awesome year and we would like to say thank you from Somedgadgetguy, BWOne & Booredatwork.  The Contest is open to all so, use the link below enter and win. 

Winners will be announced during our first show of the year & season 3 on Sat Jan 2

The Weekly End of the year Giveaway

  • CJ Jacobs

    You always have great content and that’s why I’m a loyal subscriber. The giveaways don’t hurt either. And it was a pleasure meeting you earlier this year. You’re a really cool dude!

  • TYPO – Samsung Level U Heeadphones

  • Jeff Wright

    I would love the Nokia Lumia 830 because it is literally impossible for me to have to many Nokia.

  • Zack Thruster

    First Of All Awesome Giveaway And I Badly Want A Lumia 830 Or A Studio X Plus

  • Jamie Owen

    Would love a nice pair of headphones for playing games like transistor and bioshock!

  • Jeff Wright

    Just the Nokia that’s all I wanna win just the Nokia

  • Jeff Wright

    you are drawing the day before my birthday. Love the Nokia!!

  • Divyansh Rawat

    heya guyz i am a big fan of uh.. m from india.. and love your videos as @juanbagnell you got some really unique ways to give reviews..

  • Jeff Wright

    any chance you heard I kinda like the nokia? Bye…..

  • Jeff Wright

    On the off chance I win one of the prizes and it’s not the Nokia I’d like to forfeit said prize for a chance to win the Nokia, thank you

  • Jeff Wright


  • Shubham

    I hope I win, Lumia 830 !!
    BTW ,ur work is awesome & I’m a big fan from India … Keep up the great work 🙂

  • Quach

    I Would Love To Win Either The “Lumia 830” OR The “Blu Studio Energy 2”

  • Lalit

    BLU Studio Energy 2

  • Jeff Wright


  • Josh Santolaja

    love to win

  • Thomas Williams

    Please enter me for the Nokia but any prize will do Thanks bro peace and have a safe New Years

  • tk

    thanks for the nokia review, figured out some more ways to use the camera! cheers from canada

  • kaushal

    Samsung level uuuuu

  • Josh Santolaja

    Hope I win
    I will give to my Mom ..

  • Shravan Bharadwaj

    who won ?

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