Sponsored Post: Evil Within

This post has been sponsored by “Bethesda Softworks“, but concerns our own opinion” Ok The Evil Within is one scary game and I am not saying this because its a sponsored post. But because I got a chance to play it this week at Betheseda’s booth at E3, and boy this takes the Resident Evil […]

Razer Blackwidow 2014-3

Razer Blackwidow Stealth Ultimate 2014 Review

The Razer Black Widows Stealth Ultimate 2014 edition is like its other mechanical keyboard sibling from Razer, Awesome!!! What makes this version different from the regular Black Widow Ultimate are the Orange Cherry keys that allow for a quieter typing experience. The all-new RazerMechanical Switches actuate at an optimal distance. The all-new Razer Mechanical Switches have an optimized set of […]


Col. Ogukwu Valentine’s Day Tips

Happy Valentine’s Day. You Favorite Col. Ogukwu of Singala has a provided an awesome video of dating tips for Valentine’s day for the fellas, So watch enjoy and don’t take him seriously

Star Wars™ First Edition [rebel alliance]-13

Star Wars First Edition Street by 50 On ear – Rebel Alliance

Strolling through CES this year, I was just as excited to see Stormtroopers as I was any other celeb. When I passed SMS Audio I was like a little kid again, in the movie theatre wondering at the fierceness of the even Empire, and rooting for Luke and his crew. What? you would like me […]


Mother tore 6 year old sons Scrotum, then tried to superglue it back

This is just sick, the huffingtonpost reports this horrible act, that was carried out by  the childs mother “A mother in San Antonio, Texas, is accused of ripping her 6-year-old son’s scrotum and bruising his penis. Instead of seeking medical attention, she allegedly tried to mend his torn genitals with the adhesive power of superglue. The FBI charged Jennifer […]

Corsair H75-3

Corsair H75 Hydro Series Liquid CPU Cooler Unboxing

Corsair is well know fro making PC DIY parts and accessories and today we take a look at the new Corsair H75 hydro series CPU liquid cooling. Retailing for just $85, the Corsair H85 is a relativly light  at 25mm thick with 2 120mm fans. The Hydro Series H75 is comprised of a low-profile CPU […]



Nvidia Announces the Sheild Tablet Starting at $299

NVIDIA today launched the newest members of the NVIDIA SHIELD family — the SHIELD tablet and the SHIELD wireless controller. Both devices join the existing SHIELD portable to give gamers even more choice. Designed and built by NVIDIA, the SHIELD tablet is first and foremost a high-performance tablet that is packed with exceptional features. At […]


Jackery Leaf & Giant+ Portable Charger Review: Recharge on the Cheap

If you need a portable charger or a charging case for your iPhone 5 & 5s, then I will suggest you check out Jackery’s offering. The company has a slew of portable chargers, but today I am taking a look at the Giant+ – which is a 12,000mAh charger and its great. You can charge […]

Lumia 635-5

Nokia Lumia 635 Review

The Nokia Lumia 635 is the latest budget smartphone from Microsoft in the Windows Phone department. For month I have talked about the budget phone arena with somegadgetguy, on its importance and why Microsoft needs to take it serious. They have with the Lumia 635, which is conveniently priced at just $129 on T-Mobile– very […]

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