Xfinity Watchathon Binge Box

What is Watchathon? It is the ultimate COUCH POTATO EXCUSE!!!! Do we need another excuse to curl up in front of the TV? Well Xfinity Watchathon is going to just suck you right into TV mode. From April 6-12, Xfinity customers will have an all access pass to the hottest shows for free. Your favorite shows will be unlocked for you, and the perfect opportunity to explore new ones from your TV, online, smartphone, or tablet. Yes I am that person who has all media going at once. My poor DVR has so many recordings, there are sure to be other series I have missed. I just got someone hooked on Game of Thrones, so you KNOW this means that a marathon is coming up! I may be the only person who hasn’t seen House of Lies, so another binge is in order.
In preparation of the big week, I got ahold of the BINGE BOX and have to share. At you can check out all of the fun to be had. Your first stop should be to enter the Watchathon sweepstakes. You could win
-Game of Thrones  themed trip to Northern Ireland!!!! (Valued at over $10,000)
-Outlander themed trip to Scotland!!!! (Valued at over $10,000)
-Daily drawings for your own Binge Box
Who knows what you may win in the Binge Box…You could win a mini tablet, munchies, comfy lounge gear, Game of Thrones gear, headphones, and more!!!!
There are lots of other activities online, such as an “Excuse Generator”, where you can get helpful excuses to get out of work, school, or just check out for the week. Interested in your style? The #Watchathon quiz can tell you what kind of Watchathoner you are. You can even get inside scoop on what the stars are watching. Be sure to follow @Xfinity @Comcast #Watchathon for the latest!