Western Digital My Cloud Home Review


Introducing My Cloud Home by Western Digital, your Personal Cloud System. This all started because I was complaining about running out of storage. There are usually about 2000 pictures on my phone at any given time, and I get too indecisive about deleting them. Such a cloud system is exactly what I needed! Are you running out of space? Do you need a better storage solution? Do you want to have access to all of your files while on the go?

Let’s start with how easy the setup is for My Cloud Home. All that you need is included in the box: Cloud unit, Power cord, Ethernet Cable, and Start up guide. Simply plug your My Cloud into your wifi router via the ethernet cable, and to power supply. Then go to the webpage or app to register, and enter the code for your cloud device. You now have access to your cloud!

App setup was where I was a little peeved. Maybe I’m impatient, but I downloaded “MyCloud” and it turned out to be the wrong app. So look for the full “My Cloud Home” instead. This will help you validate and connect your device. Once you’re logged in, you have a whole slew of accounts that you can connect to your new My Cloud, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google photos, IFTTT, Plex, and more.

Next mission was to tackle my almost-full external hard drive. Just as you would connect any other drive or media device, all that I needed to do as plug the drive into my new cloud via USB port. The cloud drive recognized it and the app asked me if I wanted to import the files. With the 700GB worth of data, it took about two days to sync my files.

The app and notifications are where I have recommendations. With possibly millions of files, 1: I would love a search option and more “filter” options in order to sift through files. For example, the ability to change the order to “oldest first” , or to search by file type or date. Instead, within folders on the app, I had to finger scroll and scroll to get to certain files.  Next, 2: I would love a “status bar” within the app so that I know upload progress. Instead, there is a mobile notification. 3: I need the ability to add more folders to sync from my mobile device. Instead, it will only backup your camera folder. I am the filing queen, creating specific picture folders for each purpose, yet only the camera folder is backed up. Lastly 4: the syncing needs to be more “complete”. I had two smartphones side by side with the same app, and it showed different files and thus were not “in sync” with each other.

Overall this is a great system to keep organized yet have all of the fun media at your fingertips. The options below range from $159.99-$699.99 at Best Buy.

Options: 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB Single Drive

               8TB, 12TB, 16TB Dual Drive

Included:  My Cloud Home or Duo

                   Ethernet cable
                   Power supply cable
                   Quick Install Guide