Watch ‘Kung Fury’ Short Film: Its Awesome!!


I am glad to see Kung Fury Online and free to watch. Personally I have been waiting for this zanny 80’s movie mash-up to hit. This was the first project I personally backed on Kickstarters and it was totally worth it.

Kung Fury, the completely over-the-top homage to the cheesy martial arts and hard-nosed buddy cop flicks of  the 1980s, has been making waves online ever since its Kickstarter campaign launched in December, 2013. Early trailers promised insane adventures featuring a kung-fu master police officer battling Transformers-esque arcade cabinets and traveling through time via a Nintendo Power glove to kill Hitler, “The Kung Fuhrer.” As anticipation for the project grew, director and star David Sandberg also teamed up with ’80s icon David Hasselhoff for an amazing retro ’80s-style music video for the film’s theme song, “True Survivor.”

Seriously you have to watch it. so set back and enjoy some awesomeness