TYLT Alin Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Review


Glass screen protector’s aren’t anything new to get excited about, but they do add a level of comfort to consumers that helps them feel less anxiety about dropping their precious smart phone. In case of the iPhone 6, this is a common theme as Apple devices have been known for their consistency to crack and fall apart on impact.The TYLT Alin Glass Screen Protector does not differ from many other protectors from a substance point of view. Frankly, I wish there was a hint of gimmicky marketing behind it in order to lead more consumers to this particular product. However, what the Alin protector lacks in substance, it adds in functionality and ease of application. The Alin glass protector comes with a unique application tool to allow the user to apply the protector with one of the simplest methods I’ve seen to date. Ironically enough, this concept also is not new or innovative, but the process and price in which TYLT has provided this combination with is unmatched in the market today.

Apply the tool to the bottom of your iPhone 6, follow the instructions for peeling the glass screen protector, and wallah. You have yourself a perfectly fitted screen protector. Due to the introduction of a curved glass for the iPhone 6, applying any screen protector without this tool has been a cumbersome tasks, and a number one complaint by those who are in the business of buying accessories for their iPhone 6.

There is not much else to say about the TYLT Alin Glass Screen Protector other than it’s a functional and easy case to use. During my review I actually dropped my iPhone on straight concrete and it just happened to fall on it’s face. The Alin protector did it’s job without fail! You can find this protector on TYLT’s website, as well as retailer sites like Amazon. Prices range from the $29.99 all the way down to $14.95.