Two gallons of Coca-Cola daily kills woman…Plus Diet Coke can cause diabetes

Natasha Harris Coca-Cola Addict She reportedly drank some 2.2 gallons of the soda every day, AFP notes, a habit that went on for years. Her family called it an “addiction” that resulted in the removal of multiple rotten teeth and the birth of at least one child lacking tooth enamel; her partner said Natasha Harris suffered withdrawal symptoms if she didn’t drink the stuff.

The 31-year-old mother of eight died following a cardiac arrhythmia in February 2010, and the coroner called out Coke in his report, which was released Tuesday.

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Diet Soda is Evil

Sugar-packed soda has been linked to a boosted diabetes risk—but it turns out the diet version may pose an even bigger threat. Researchers tracked 66,000 French women over 14 years; the volunteers were middle-aged or older when the study began. People who drank 12 ounces of either kind of soda per week had a one-third higher risk of diabetes compared to those who drank 100% fruit juice; those who drank 20 ounces a week saw a doubled risk, the AFP reports.

But here’s the kicker: Those who drank 16.9 ounces of diet soda per week had a 15% higher risk of diabetes than regular-soda drinkers, while those who downed 50 ounces of diet soda per week had a 59% higher diabetes risk. Diet soda drinkers generally drank more soda overall than regular soda fans, which may boost the danger, the Daily Mail notes. More research is needed, however, to be certain of a link, say researchers, who made note of a previous study that showed aspartame affects insulin levels much like sucrose does. The news comes on the heels of word that diet soda may cause depression—and, along similar lines, that margarine may be worse for you than butter.