T-Mobile One: Unlimted Data for ALL



What You Get

  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited text
  • Unlimited 4G LTE smartphone data on our blazing-fast network
  • Industry-first Un-carrier benefits:
    • Simple Global: unlimited text and data roaming and low flat-rate calling in 140+ countries
    • Mobile Without Borders: use your device in Mexico and Canada like you’re at home
    • Carrier Freedom: we help cover your switching costs
    • Wi-Fi Unleashed: coverage beyond the reach of cellular + 1 free hour of GoGo inflight Wi-Fi
    • Stock Up: become a T-Mobile shareholder and grow your share of T-Mobile by bringing friends
    • T-Mobile Tuesdays: get thanked with free stuff every week just for being a customer
  • Unlimited Smartphone Mobile Hotspot data (tethering) at 2G speeds.

T-Mobile One Pricing

: All prices are with AutoPay enabled on the account and are $5/month more per line without AutoPay.


  • Tablets: Add tablets to T-Mobile ONE for only $20/month per tablet. If a tablet is your only line, unlimited LTE data is $70/month per line.
  • Wearables: Add smartwatches and other wearables to T-Mobile ONE for $5/month at 2G speeds. If a wearable is your only line, unlimited 2G data is $15/month per line.
  • Stateside International Talk: Add unlimited calling to landlines in 70+ countries and mobile numbers in 30 countries for $15/month per line.
  • Smartphone Mobile Hotspot: Add 5GB of high-speed tethering when you need it for $15.
  • Higher-Definition Video: T-Mobile ONE includes unlimited video at standard definition—typically DVD quality (480p)—from any service. Customers can get higher-definition video, up to 4k, for $25/month per line.
  • High-speed International Data: In addition unlimited text and data roaming and low flat-rate calling in 140+ countries included at no extra cost with Simple Global, high-speed international data passes are also available.

Who Gets It

  • New postpaid customers will be able to get T-Mobile ONE starting Tuesday, September 6th.
  • New prepaid customers will be able to get T-Mobile ONE in the future.
  • Current T-Mobile customers can keep the plans they have or choose to sign up with T-Mobile ONE. It’s their call.

Network Management
As with T-Mobile Simple Choice, customers using the most data, the highest 3% (currently those using more than 26GB of high-speed data/month) may see their data traffic prioritized behind other users once they cross that threshold during their billing month. As a result, they may notice relatively slower speeds but only at specific times and places that may experience high, competing network demand or congestion.

For more information on T-Mobile ONE, see www.t-mobile.com.