SteelSeries Shift Gaming Keyboard Review

IMAG0681 The SteelSeries shift Gaming Keyboard is what you would call the chameleon of keyboard, It’s the most flexible and customizable gaming keyboard on the market. What makes the Shift so special, it can be configured, customized and personalized to do pretty much anything you can imagine. It can reduce reaction time in First Person Shooters, it can increase Actions Per Minute in Real Time Strategy titles and it can do advanced macros (including timed delays) in Massive Multiplayer Online games.

The Shift base was also designed to make it easy to plug-in your peripherals. Also included, are gold-plated microphone-in and audio-out ports, as well as two 2.0 USB ports (one powered). If you are into marco’s this is the keyboard for you; You can record macros and actions on-the-fly. You can start recording macros directly from the base of the keyboard and quickly assign them to 8 specific hotkeys with 3 unique layers, giving you an easy access to a total of 24 keys. The Shift will even record your timing and delays on-the-fly, making it as easy as ever to configure and personalize.

***Video Review***

The SteelSeries Shift keyboard is a great piece of hardware; that being said it doesn’t sport a backlit keyboard, which would be an icing on the cake for this piece of hardware. Yet this is a great keyboard that I full recommend, the fact that it’s an easy keyboard to clean, by simply removing the keyset. You also have the ability to change you keyset to your game of choice, with titles such as World of Warcraft, Medal of Honor and more. If you are looking for a gaming keyboard that changes with your style,  with great marco support and price well at just $89.99. then you should definitely pick up the SteelSeries Shift Gaming Keyboard

8 programmable hotkeys
– 2 USB 2.0 ports (1 powered)
– On-the-fly macro recording
– Ergonomic design with 3 leg levels and a non-slip base
– Multiple media controls
– Detachable wrist rest
– Gold plated audio & headset ports