SteelSeries Flux In-Ear Pros Gaming Headphones- Pure Awesomeness

Flaux IN-Ear Pro-1 A few weeks ago we reviewed the well crafted SteelSeries Flux in-ear headphones. Today we take a look at the Fluax in-ear Pro gaming headphones. Featuring balanced armature driver technology, the Flux In-ear Pro headset is the most accurate headset SteelSeries has ever produced. Experience a new dimension in your favorite games, music and movies, thanks to the highly detailed soundscape of the finely-tuned balanced armature drivers. The balanced armature driver requires no external air to produce sound. This means the driver can be made to be very small and it also means that it can be tuned very precisely. What you get is an enriching sound and feel that brings your gaming to another level.

Our swappable cable system offers full compatibility with mobile devices, PC and Mac, A mobile end with a single 3-pole 3.5mm jack and a PC cable with a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 3.5mm microphone jack have both been included. this headset can optionally be worn down. To achieve this you must switch the earbuds’ intended sides; place the left earbud in your right ear and the right earbud in your left ear. The headphones come with  included memory foam tips for an even better audio experience. Also Include is a sleek yet compact carrying case to protect your headset. In addition, can hold your extra cable and ear tips.

The Beauty with the SteelSeries Flux In-Ear Pro, besides the great build quality or the real tangle free cables, is truly the sound. You get rich balance audio, be it during your favorite session of Guild Wars 2 or taking a jog listening to your power running track. The balanced armature drivers really give you a clear and smooth audio feel with great bass, and clear audio with vocals sounding balanced at clear. Priced at $129.99 these are truly the first set of in-ear headphones that serve both the gamer and music lover in all of us.