Star Wars First Edition Street by 50 On ear – Rebel Alliance

Star Wars™ First Edition [rebel alliance]-8 Strolling through CES this year, I was just as excited to see Stormtroopers as I was any other celeb. When I passed SMS Audio I was like a little kid again, in the movie theatre wondering at the fierceness of the even Empire, and rooting for Luke and his crew. What? you would like me to try the Star Wars Edition Street by 50 headphones? My pleasure. So far I have nothing but positive things to say.
The Rebel Alliance model is one of four available, including Galactic Empire, Boba Fett, and Storm Troopers. The color schemes are great: orange and grey, black and red, burgundy with steel blue. Each gives its own corresponding icon and style, without screaming “Star Wars” across the headphones. Instead the title is discretely at the mic and control. As with the Street by 50 collection, the packaging is GREAT! I love the presentation and placement of the Star Wars details. Included are the perfect accessories: easy-to-carry molded protective case, protective dust cloth, Certificate of Star Wars Authenticity, Star Wars stickers, and even a Luke Skywalker poster!!!!
The headphones are extremely lightweight for on-ear, and extremely comfortable. Their ear cushions are patented memory foam, in a soft leather, matching the stitched leather padding of the headband. Aside from the metal joints and adjustments, the material is a lightweight plastic. Even the cable seem a lightweight rubber material. On the cable you will find the mic and three click control. They fold easily to store away in the carrying case.
They have 40 mm drivers, and sound wise I have nothing but complements. The sound isn’t overpowering. As soon as i put them on it was smooth sound. The base was crisp and not overpowering. Every person that I had try them loved the sound. My usual listening level is at about 50-60% of volume. At that level on up to the highest, if you aren’t wearing them, you can still hear the music. But then again you shouldn’t be listening to music at that level anyway. The Street by 50 were amazing for calls. I was on two different hour long conversations, and the person on the other line had no idea. I am very picky about headphones for calls, and these were a breeze.
-Quiescent Passive Noise Cancellation
-40mm drivers for Studio Mastered Sound
-oval fit memory foam leather ear cushions
-Star Wars Certificate of Authenticity
-Protective case and cleaning cloth
-Fun Star Wars stickers and Luke Skywalker poster
You can find the Star Wars First Edition Street by 50 On ear wired headphones at for $199.95, and May the Force be with you.