Sponsored Post: Denny’s – Meet The Slams


This post has been sponsored by “Denny’s”, but concerns our own opinion

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the Grand Slam at Denny’s hits the spot. America’s favorite family-style restaurant chain Denny’s has been serving up its famous original Grand Slam breakfast since 1977, which includes our favorites such as eggs, bacon, pancakes and sausages. Together the combination truly does make for a winning breakfast “team” of sorts!

The Grand Slam has continued to evolve giving the ability to hungry diners to build their own Grand Slam by including items such as biscuits, English muffins, hash browns, and toast to name a few. Denny’s has just launched a new web series called The Slams, created by the same production company that is behind the hit series “Robot Chicken”. It will focus on the Grand Slam team of Bacon, Egg, Sausage and Pancake and their breakfast lives.


The video teases us with the idea of both full and the need to get a solid breakfast, as well as, good vs. evil, however it is mostly about breakfast! We even see a brief guest appearance from Hashbrown. Also, there a tease of seeing more more Grand Slams soon!!! Be sure to check out The Slams on Facebook, Twitter or directly on the site – but more importantly, grab a Grand Slam for breakfast!

This post has been sponsored by “Denny’s”, but concerns our own opinion