SOl Republic Tracks HD  what you might call a consumer friendly premium audio headset. The whole idea with the TRACKS HD is to bring premium quality sound at and affordable price with a customizable feel.   I believe Sol Republic may have achieve this, with it simplistic yet customizable headband and detachable earbud deign for an Over the ear head phone.  SOL REPUBLIC engineers developed a proprietary new polymer called FlexTech which makes them virtually indestructible.  Tracks HD ear cushions are designed  to be large and lightweight, and serious they are the most comfortable headphones I have put on my ears , giving optimal balance of size, style, sound and comfort.

Now lets talk sound with the TRACKS HD from SOl REPUBLIC; which give a very clean and crisp sound quality as you listen. Bass is reach and you get very good bass levels at lower volumes,; meaning no need to crank up the volume to get good sound. The high notes also  play well with the headset and don’t over reach. Using the SOL REPUBLIC TRACKS HD feels like having an audio system on your head. The three button remote is built for iDevices but it will work to answer calls on Android smartphones too , you just can’t adjust the volume. Tracks HD are available in black, grey and white and come with a carrying case that can act as a cleaning cloth

Overall the TRACKS HD from SOL REPUBLIC are great and affordable piece of head gear, its easily customizable nature with the changeable headband that you can accessorize with your own color schemes is cool and comfortable, the sound quality also rises to the occasion justifying the purchase, thus putting Sol REPUBLIC on the map as a premium brand of headset with consumer pricing in mind and definitely worth a pick