SOl Republic Punk Review


Sol Republic has continued to push products out of it’s camp that our more than compelling options for consumers, they’re beginning to the lead the industry in cost effective innovation. The Sol Republic Punk Stereo Bluetooth Speaker is yet another product that falls into this category. Wireless speakers are usually hit or miss in this industry, and after spending some time with this device I walked away with the impression of it being an overall great device for an acceptable price.

The hardware with the Punk speaker is what catches your eye first. We reviewed the blue model, but it comes in a variety of other colors as well, and the materials used to showcase the ocean blue are of a high quality matte rubbery finish. Reminiscent of a basketball, it has a bouncy texture to it and helps add to the water resistant, dust resistant, and shock resistant aspect of the device. On the top of the device is the Sol Republic logo covering the upward facing internal speaker. The ports (in-out jack, headphone jack, micro USB port) are covered in latch mechanism that can be quite difficult to close, but it’s probably due to the water resistant aspect of the device itself. The bottom of the Punk houses a tripod port which is different and definitely a welcome addition to the feature set. Overall, Sol Republic hit it right on the head with the design of the speaker

In our video review you can get a more in-depth listening session on the quality of the sound, but to sum it up, it is sub-par at best. There are better, cheaper options on the market and I feel as though Sol Republic opted to focus on the external specs of the device more so than the internal. By no means is the sound bad. Depending on the quality of the song you can get a really great experience, but that is far and in between during my usage. Enough to satisfy your needs, but never overwhelming enough to exceed your expectations.

Battery life on the Punk speakers is a mixed bag. The volume plays a key part in how long the device will last on a single charge. Sol Republic claims 8 hours of consistent use, but we found it to be around the 6-7 range. That isn’t a bad place to be among speakers at all, but again, there are cheaper and better options that provide more. For $69.99, the Punk Sol Republic Wireless Speakers are a good buy. It’s all about preference with this purchase. If you want a little bit of everything, you have to go with the Punk speaker. However, if you’re a sound head and are looking for the best in class for this price range you have to look elsewhere as the Punk speaker will not provide you with that.