Sennheiser PMX685i Adidas Sport In-ear Headphone Review

71iHubv65hL._SL1500_ Its 24° Fahrenheit outside on a Wednesday morning and I have three thoughts on my mind as I place one foot forward and then the next, the chill nipping at my exposed ears, fingers tingling. My first thought questions my sanity. They are no other runners on the street of Brooklyn, what the am I doing outside. Close behind that thought is a silent prayer, thanking the big guy above that I remembered to load the awesomeness that is Vintage Trouble on my SanDisk mp3 player before I left the apartment. My final thought and most important on this run is focused on the headphones Im using on this morning’s run. I dwell on the pleasant surprise that these pair of headphones aren’t popping out of my ears like my regular ear buds, or sliding off my head lie most over the ear headphones. I’m impressed, thankful and freezing my spherical extremities off.

I’ve got on a pair of PMX685i from Sennheiser and boy is it comfortable. So much so, that I can barely feel the weight of this neckband designed headphones. Rigid enough to keep in place while being light enough to stay out of the way during a run, the PMX685i is an almost perfect melding of form and performance that blows you away.

With exaggerated media control buttons making it even more convenient to use the device with gloves on, you wouldn’t be disappointed with this device. However, its important point out that this device is a ios centric device, what does this mean for you Android OS users? You’ll only have access to the pause / play/answer/drop call button out of the box. For more functionality you’d have to haunt the Android Play store for apps.

Included is a carrying case sporting the company logo on one side and the Adidas logo on the other, making it pretty obvious that this device is sports oriented. But it doesn’t stop there; this flexible but sturdy little number is durable enough to be carelessly thrown into a gym bag without worry, taking a beating with your workout equipment.

Adding to the overall appeal of the PMX685i is the price point. At a current price of 64 USD, it more justifies this expense, with both the sound and build quality.