Samsung Launches 2020 QLED TV Line

Samsung Launches 2020 QLED TV Line

Samsung Debuts Expanded QLED Line
Featuring 4K and 8K and TV Options for Every Consumer
RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – March 5, 2020 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced today that its new and expanded line of 2020 QLED 4K and 8K TV models are available for purchase or pre-order on and at select retailers nationwide. This year’s line features an expanded 8K Series, larger screen sizes for 4K and 8K models, improved AI capabilities designed to provide the most pristine picture quality and dynamic sound experience available today.

In addition to cutting-edge picture quality and enhanced audio performance, Samsung’s new 2020 QLED line offers consumers instant access to a diverse selection of entertainment with Samsung TV Plus. With over 100 channels of streaming content, consumers will have the chance to explore what they’re passionate about, across genres like News, Sports, Gaming and Lifestyle. Samsung TV Plus is free and works right out of the box without additional devices or subscriptions.

Also on the QLED line this year is Samsung Health – a fitness and wellness solution that can integrate seamlessly into people’s hectic schedules. Whenever it’s convenient for them, consumers will be able to see their activities, track their progress, and pursue shared fitness goals with their entire family. Plus, they will have access to free and exclusive content from leading partners, including Calm, Fitplan, Jillian Michaels, Echelon, obé Fitness, barre3 and more.

“Our 2020 QLED line is the best of all worlds. With industry leading picture quality, breathtaking design and smart capabilities that are as useful as they are innovative, the 2020 QLED line exceeds our consumers’ expectations,” said James Fishler, SVP, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics America. “Whether it’s the new ‘infinity screen’ that virtually eliminates bezels, the new Quantum Processors that push the boundaries of resolution, or our Smart TV Powered by Tizen that expands access to entertainment, wellness and control, our 2020 QLED line is perfectly positioned to deliver the personalized experiences our consumers care about the most.”
Consumers have been demanding larger and larger screens – and Samsung’s 2020 line delivers. That’s why Samsung’s QLED line offers 4K and 8K models in a wide range of sizes to suit the unique needs of every home and every lifestyle. The 2020 QLED 8K line has expanded to three series—Q950TS, Q900TS and Q800T—which are available in four sizes ranging from 65 to 85 inches. They are joined by the 2020 QLED 4K line, which spans four series—Q90T, Q80T, Q70T and Q60T—that range in eight sizes from 43 to 85 inches.

Reinvented TV Design

The flagship Q950TS is Samsung’s first TV to combine premium 8K picture quality with powerful surround-sound audio and a stunning, ultra-thin form factor. By practically eliminating the bezel around the display, Samsung’s Infinity Screen offers a screen-to-body ratio of nearly 99 percent, the highest in the industry. The result is that when consumers watch from the average viewing distance of 10-15 feet, the bezels seem to disappear, creating an effect where the screen appears to elegantly float in the air.

In addition to the bezel-free viewing experience, the Q950TS boasts an incredibly thin width of 15 millimeters, with a completely flat back that allows it to be placed flush against the wall – or, alternatively, its slim silhouette looks equally striking atop a media console.

This year’s QLED 8K Direct Full Array adds local power distribution to fine-tune dimming zones, resulting in images that are as much as 20 percent brighter – easing the viewing experience significantly. When combined with Quantum HDR, which expresses full range contrast, the result is brighter lights and darker blacks across all HDR content, so that consumers can view their favorite content in as rich detail as possible.
8K Quantum Processor Powerhouse
As the 8K content ecosystem continues to grow, Samsung has developed an AI deep-learning capability that automatically upscales all non-8K content to pristine and true-to-life 8K resolution. The new, redesigned AI Quantum Processor 8K adds a neural network this year, restoring fine details that would otherwise not be visible – creating a beautiful, optimized picture with the rich, realistic colors of QLED.
The AI Quantum Processor – the powerhouse behind the flagship display – also features Adaptive Picture. It does more than just adjust for ambient light – Adaptive Picture uses a built-in sensor that analyzes both the brightness of the room and the visuals being displayed to deliver the optimal experience regardless of viewing environment.
To round out its revolutionary capabilities, Samsung’s Quantum Processor optimizes the listening experience as well – with the ability to adjust sound levels in response to ambient noise in the room. As a result, even when there’s a noisy distraction like a vacuum or blender, the viewing experience will not be disrupted.
Enhanced Sound and Picture Experience
The 2020 QLED series introduces premium sound enhancements, such as Object Tracking Sound (OTS)* and OTS+, each of which deliver a sound experience perfectly aligned with the picture. Newly added speakers on the front, sides and back of the TV create an immersive, three-dimensional soundscape that tracks the movement of objects on screen, and adjusts the audio to make it sound like the action is happening all around you. Combined with a new Active Voice Amplifier (AVA), which provides real-time noise intelligence by detecting ambient noise and automatically enhancing voice clarity, the 2020 QLED series delivers dimensional and dynamic audio that lives up to the large screen viewing experience. The new Samsung Symphony feature creates a more dynamic listening experience by pairing the TV speaker* with the audio of a 2020 Samsung Q series soundbar (such as the Q800, a 2020 CES Best of Innovation honoree). By utilizing both of these audio channels, Samsung Symphony delivers a fuller, more dynamic sound that must be heard to be believed.
Samsung TV Plus
Samsung TV Plus is Samsung’s free Smart TV video service. It’s a great way to find and watch new content, especially for people who have already cut the cord. It offers instant access to over 100 free channels across a broad range of genres. Whether consumers are passionate about news, sports, cooking, or music, Samsung TV Plus will help them to better explore their interests. There’s no subscription necessary; it’s all pre-installed, and there’s no additional devices required. It’s integrated into Samsung’s Smart TV platform – so as soon as you set up your TV, you can start watching.

Making the Best Gaming TV Even Better

Real Game Enhancer+ offers multiple variable refresh rates, which provide smooth and clear game picture without any tearing or stuttering.
What’s more, a new Surround Sound feature offers OTS and Adaptive Sound+, meaning gamers can play with directional, dimensional game sound for a fully immersive experience.
We also know that gamers like to multitask while they play – whether they’re consuming other content or enhancing their gameplay. Multi-View allows users to watch streaming content, such as YouTube walkthroughs or other videos, and use social media while playing games – at the same time, on the same screen, so they don’t have to consult back and forth between multiple devices.
An Ambient Mode with New Categories and More Content

Samsung’s award-winning Ambient Mode has been updated for the 2020 TV line. Ambient Mode+**** offers more experiences geared towards users, designed to satisfy each individual’s needs and tastes. Because Bixby, Samsung’s AI assistant, is getting even smarter, consumers can now use voice commands to automatically choose video, music, and effect sounds to change the mood of a room. For example, request Bixby to create a calm atmosphere, and the TV will display a relaxing backdrop on the screen.

Additional user-centric features of Ambient Mode+ include more intuitive and simpler mobile uploads, more photo filter effect options, as well as a new auto gallery that automatically chooses the most appealing picture layout based on the number and ratio of selected photos.

Lastly, we recognize that our customers value having choices when it comes to voice assistants. That’s why, in addition to Bixby, the 2020 QLED line will feature Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant – all built into the TV with added capabilities for 2020. Now users will enjoy easier access to the content they love, with expanded smart home and TV control capabilities.

Delivering Seamless Connectivity in the Home with SmartThings
In addition to a superior home entertainment experience, Samsung’s 2020 Smart TVs also serve as a virtual hub – and from the SmartThings Dashboard, consumers can control their devices from a single, simple, centralized location. SmartThings delivers a comprehensive IoT ecosystem by seamlessly connecting and operating all of your devices. You can even set up customized automations that line up with your daily routine – so you can automatically open your blinds in the morning or dim your lights at night.

Samsung’s full 2020 TV line can be found below:

⦁ Q950TS: 65”, 75”, 85”
⦁ Q900TS: 65”, 75”, 85”
⦁ Q800T: 65”, 75”, 82”
⦁ Q90T: 55”, 65”, 75”, 85”
⦁ Q80T: 49”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 85”
⦁ Q70T: 55”, 65”, 75”, 82”, 85”
⦁ Q60T: 43”, 50”, 55”, 58”, 65”, 75”, 85”

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*Available on Q80T and Q90T 4K models.
**Available on Q800T, Q900TS and Q950TS 8K models.
***Available on Q80T and above.
****Available on Q70T and above.