Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review

S6 edge-18

It was only a few months ago, we all predicted doom and gloom for Samsung and how they needed to change or else the sky would fall on them. Samsung answered back with sweet vengeance, crafted two devices in the S6 line that has changed the mobile landscape. In this review we talk a look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge; Samsung’s first dual curved edge display smartphone, that is a 2K dual curved display at 5-inches, a 5MP camera for your selfies that also records at 2K. The rear you have a 16MP camera, built-in OIS and LED flash, heart rate monitor. Now the S6 Edge is powered by Samsung’s own Exynos Octa-core  processor; and I have to say it really hits the ball out of the park. Everything runs butter smooth with your games running at the highest efficiency I have every seen on a Samsung device. Now the S6 Edge comes with a battery, which is smaller than what was in the S5, and you do notice the battery drain. Coupled with the 2K display, you will get about 14hr-16hr of battery use.  Which isn’t bad but a far cry from the full 24hrs we are all getting used to. That been said Samsung has added some alternatives to make using the device a battery stress free zone. Starting with fast charging, which charges the S6 full in about an 1hr as well as built-in wireless charging (PMA  & Qi Standards). This ensures that you can get juice to your device anywhere and as quick as possible. Still a bigger battery would have gone a long way.

Did I talk design? The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one very sexy device. Crafted to feel light and premium in your hands. At first grasp, the S6 Edge feels light & expensive. Over the years I have always applauded Samsung’s use of plastic on its smartphones. But I do have to say the move to metal and glass really pays of in terms of quality of feel. The curved edges of the glass makes this a very striking smartphone and beautiful.

When it comes to the camera, this is where Samsung has made the best improvements overall, with the improved sensor & hardware as well as the software. Images are crisper, clear and sharp. Both the front and rear cameras get a solid boost, with 2K video recording with the front camera and 4 K recording on the rear 16MP sensor. See video below for more details.

There is a lot to love about the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, from its sublime dual curved display, to its great front and rear cameras, fast charging & wireless charging. You have a device that really brings everything together. Still it does have some short comes, with a smaller battery you do have to rely on the fast charging to ensure your device has enough juice. Plus the lack of micro-SD expansion does put  a damper on storage options which are common for Samsung devices and Android uses. Still with 100Gb of OneDrive, coupled with the overall features of the S6 Edge. you really can’t go wrong with this device.