Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T Review


What is the Samsung Galaxy Note, a phone a Tablet, mini-Tablet? It’s hard to quantify what the Galaxy Note is, while using those terms. Lets go over the specs of the device again. Lets start off with an impressively large 5.3-inch display with HD Super AMOLED display (720p display, matching your home TV). Despite its large screen size the Galaxy Note is actually a very light device and feels  comfortable besides its large size. The Galaxy Notes is also a 4G LTE device, adding to the ever-increasing arsenal of 4G LTE Devices on AT&T Network. It runs Running Android 2.3.6 with a custom SDK that allows for S-pen functionality . The S-pen is a custom stylus like device that has a click button that brings up secondary functionality and only works with the Galaxy Note and no other device. The Galaxy Note is powered by a 1.5Ghz dual Core processor, with 16GB of storage (expandable via MicroSD), an 8 megapixel rear camera(records at 1080p) and a 2 megapixel front camera for video chat. Plus is house a 2500mAH battery. So does it feel using the Galaxy Note and is the addition of a S-pen worth the hype and trouble.


There are two features to the Galaxy Note that set it apart, one is the 5.3-inch Super AMOLED HD display which is gorgeous in every aspect. But the other important feature is the S-pen. Which Samsung doesn’t call a stylus, but and interactive input device that really and honestly works like a pen. I don’t think there is a better way to describe its functionality other than to say you can write input, cut, paste and edit documents in a way that resembles a physical pen and a mouse from your computer.  The S-pen is very effective and the SDK component allows for a great degree of control and functionality with the S-pen, Allow for secondary functions with the click button on the pen to take screen shots as well  as bring up S-memo lite on any screen and at any time on the Galaxy Note.


Camera Test

This is a 1080p camera test of the Samsung galaxy Note on the AT&T network, the device comes with pretty much the same camera and lens on the World renowned Samsung Galaxy S2. SO it records at 1080p and can take some high quality stills.


Back to our initial Question, what is the Samsung Galaxy Note? It’s not a tablet, but it is a phone. What it is; is a convergence device that brings more to the table than a tablet or a Phone. Yes it is a larger device probably the largest you will see in the Mobile Phone category. It is not a device with out its flaws, for one the size might be a deterrent to some, though Battery life is good, giving you a full day  of use. I expected more from the 2500mAh battery( LTE is to blame for that). Other than that you have a gorgeous and Large 720p display, great for watching videos and gives you more things on-screen at once. The S-pen is kick ass and has great functionality, the in-built SDK works wonders and I truly love the handwriting to  text transcription . You’ve also got a great camera that records well at 1080p and takes awesome still. In all the galaxy Note, brings more to the table with is Super sized Super AMOLED HD display and the S-pen. But the clear winner are the multitude of things that can be done using , the S-pen of the Galaxy Note.