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Samsung Continuum Review


The Samsung Continuum is an exclusive Samsung Galaxy S device on the Verizon wireless network. What sets the Continuum apart from other Galaxy S devices is the addition of two touchscreens on the device. One a 3.4″ Super AMOLED screen, the second a 1.8″ Super AMOLED screen.

The idea is that it allows for more usability by the device owner and allows mobile functions run smoothly.  The Samsung Continuum comes packed with a 1ghz processor, 8GB storage on a pre-installed microsd card, 5MP camera/flash and records at 720p. In this video we will look at how the screen ticker screen works with the device and how well its adds to the whole smartphone experience.

Ticker uses

  • Control music player
  • quick access to weather, rss feeds
  • Shows missed calls, missed text, IMs
  • Ticker acts as secondary screen for incoming call or text message or email


The Continuum is different in man respects as compared to other Galaxy S devices, the tickers does add a different element of use to the device. Though in my personal experience it didn’t add much but it doesn’t take away from the experience and does add extra functionality to the device. In all the Continuum is a very solid Android device and lives up to the standard Samsung has set with the Galaxy S Series.

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