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Razer Onza Tournament Edition Review

I have spent some quality time with the Razer Onza Tournament edition., an Xbox 360 controller that can also be used on PC. I could go on now how long I have waited for this baby to rest softly in my palms. But honestly you just want to now if its worth the wait. I will answer that shortly.

The Hardware is solid all around and is a Solid replacement for the standard Xbox 360 controller, for a more in-depth look check out or unboxing & first Impressions .  The physical buttons feel great especially the use of mechanical key inputs, does allow for faster keystrokes,  the addition of the adjustable analog sticks, is a god sent. Trust me it does help with shooter immensely.  The mapable trigger keys are easy to use, just hold the button at the back of the device for the specific key trigger key of choice and then press the button of function you want to remap to that trigger key.




The only draw backs to the hardware I have are the design of the D-pad, which is fine  when playing shooters but manageable at best with fighting games.  The space between the shoulder buttons and the map buttons should have been a little wider.



PC use with the Razer Onza Tournament Edition is simply plug and play. no issues no hassles, windows recognizes the controller as an Xbox 360 controller and you are good to go





  • Adjustable Analog sticks
  • Use of mechanical keys for buttons
  • Mappable shoulder buttons
  • Rumble feel is astounding
  • lightweight
  • Super long cord



  • D-pad not good for fighting games
  • Narrow space between Shoulder buttons & map buttons




Overall the hardware is true to form and the does feel comfortable in the hands. , and is a super solid controller specially for shooters. I dare say it is one of the best Xbox 360 controllers out there till day and worth the price & a bag of chips. So my answers is Yes!! the Razer Onza Tournament edition is worth the wait.

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