Protecting your ioT devices with Bitdefender Box


Over the last couple of years, we have seen a growth in the number of hacks & cyberattacks on business and systems at an alarming rate. As an individual, you might be thinking, well it’s just large corporations & business, this doesn’t affect my daily life, but it does. In Sept of 2016 we got a massive internet outage that was spurned from a Mirai bot attack, which used webcam vulnerability as its point of attack. We all have webcams and ioT devices. Which means we all are of risk of being hacked. Possibility of loss of personal info, banking information and more. The next question you are asking is how do I protect myself from such attacks, do I get an antivirus, setup a firewall? There are several solutions and one is the Bitdefender Box.

Designed to protect everything from laptops and smartphones to gaming consoles and baby monitors, the Bitdefender BOX ensures all connected devices connected on the same wi-fi network are kept safe from hackers. The NEW Bitdefender BOX will now come packed with high-end hardware specs and improved features to address targeted IoT attacks, including:

        Vulnerability AssessmentA feature that allows Bitdefender BOX to continuously scan for weaknesses within your network and highlights network security flaws.

        Private LineA VPN connection that gives you cybersecurity for your mobile devices and privacy, wherever you go and whatever public wi-fi you connect to.

        URL BlacklistBitdefender tracks bad websites, so you don’t have to.

Bitdefender BOX app The BOX app notifies you of ongoing network events and allows you to configure and manage all your devices remotely

Bitdefender brings cybersecurity protection onto the traffic level by analyzing data transferred through a network, independently of endpoints. Leveraging machine learning and event correlation mechanisms, its goal is to prevent cyberattacks by identifying and blocking vulnerability exploits and malicious behaviors. By developing a platform-independent technology, Bitdefender protects all internet-connected devices in your household focusing on events and threats that manifest at network level.

In 2017 cybersecurity is no longer an option but rather a necessity that we all need to take serious. The Bitdefender Box does prove a reliable and well suited consumer level protection that is easy to use.