PNY PowerPack 7800 Mobile Charger Review

PowerPack 7800-3 PNY’s PowerPacks are rechargeable battery banks designed to provide you power wherever or whenever you need it for any USB powered device. Ideal for charging your Apple, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry devices.  The PowerPack comes with a 20″ Micro USB cable for charging the PowerPack as well as Micro USB devices (Android, Windows Mobile, & BlackBerry) – if using an Apple device, use the included 20″ Micro USB cable to charge the PowerPack, but to charge your Apple device from the PowerPack, use your existing Apple charging cable. The PowerPack can easily be charged from any USB port to keep you fully charged. Our unique Digital Display shows the exact numeric amount remaining on the PowerPack which effectively takes the guesswork. (That didn’t work in my case). Besides that little fact. The PNY PowerPack workds well charges two devices at a time for you and right now you can get the PowerPack 7800 from PNY for just $49.99. So literally its a good deal all around. you can pick yours up here


1 Amp + 2.1 Amp Ports for Rapid Dual Port Charging
Delivers three extra charges*
Unique digital power indicator displays precise battery level
20″ Micro USB cable included for both device and PowerPack charging
Universal USB output for wide range of devices
Charge your smartphone on the go