PNY Midtown 200 Series Earphone Review- Low Price great sound

When Thunder E first handed me the PNY Midtown 200’s, I was dismissive – a product that looked like just another average set of headphones.  I unenthusiastically got them ready for their paces at the BooredatWork empire, and as I left the office one evening, I plugged them in to give them a brief test.  It is then what I remembered my mother saying about a book and its cover – full, forgiving, boisterous sound from a lower-midline level seat of earbuds.  It was a pleasant surprise about the quality and sharpness of the sound, giving me a full feeling of joy from them.

Please bear in mind, the earbuds themselves take a little getting used to, and you might have to work a bit to find the cups that feel right in your ears; once you are used to them, it will feel like sound floating into your mind.  Plus, with a price point starting at $35.99 ($42.99 as show) it is not exactly a bank breaker.  This is a great upgrade over most every similarly price earbuds on the market; certain to get you in the good graces of those in the gift-giving market.

Extreme Comfort and Noise Isolation

  • Focused Sound System for Broad Dynamic Range at safe listening levels
  • Ultra-Light Design
  • Premium Micro Driver Speaker
  • MIC with Call Answer/End for use as a mobile phone headset
  • Driver size: φ8.0mm
  • Impedance: 16Ω±15%
  • Sensitivity: 101±3dB(at 1KHZ 1MW)
  • Rated Input Power: 5mw
  • Maximum Input Power: 10mw