Obliq Galaxy S4 Flip Cover Brosse V Case Review

Obliq Galaxy S4 Flip Cover Brosse V-2 Obliq’s Brosse V series case is extremely slim, form-fitting view flip cover made with simple and minimalistic design. Made with a luxurious brushed metallic patterned material, case adds elegant and professional style to the device. To maximize the usability of the device, case offers interactive viewing window that allows user to easily access the important information on the phone as well as to accept or to reject calls without opening the cover. Brosse V is built conveniently that doesn’t require any removal of the battery case, but instead, offers extra protection with its built-in polycarbonate casing. Priced at $21.99 at citiemobile.com

Interactive Viewing Window for Signal, Caller ID, Battery Status, and Messages
Magnetic Cover for Auto Sleep/Awake Feature
Premium Hairline Metallic Faux Leather