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Nintendo Announces DSiLL (Jumbo DSi with 4 inch screen)

Dsi 4

The rumors are true. Today, at Nintendo’s press event in Tokyo, the company announced a revised version of the Nintendo DS.

Dubbed the Nintendo DSi LL, the new portable will feature a 4.2 inch screen. Priced at ¥20,000  ($220) the DSi LL will be released on November 21.


Nintendo DSi LL
4.2 inch mon x 2
Nov 21, 2009
20000 yen

DSi LL:横161.0mm/縦91.4mm/厚さ21.2mm
Default stylus is 4 mm longer than the DSi stylus
The long “touch pen” is just about 40 mm longer than the DSistylus
Weighs approximately 50% more than the DSi/Lite
1 – 3 hrs more battery life than DSi, depending on screen brightness
3 hour charge (same as DS Lite, 30 mins longer than DSi)

Comes pre-installed with…

* A Bit of Brain Training: Arts
* A Bit of Brain Training: Science
* Kiyou Akira Rakuhiku Language Easier

Official site

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