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Man Steals Women’s Clothes So He can Sleep buried In Them

Man seriously some people have some very weird fetishes. But  stealing 1,500 pieces of female underwear is pushing it.

Just when you thought that guy who stole 1,500 pairs of shoes was weird, now comes news of a Japanese man who stole over 8,000 items of women’s clothing. But he wasn’t re-selling them, and he wasn’t giving them away to any lady friends. As it turns out, Maeyasu Kawamura stole the clothes simply so he could sleep buried in them.

According to police, “He seemed to like the smell.” Gross!

All in all, the cops found 2,400 pieces of lingerie, 600 kimonos, 1 wedding dress, and 5,200 items of other clothing all piled up to the ceiling in the man’s small apartment in Osaka.

How is it possible to sleep under all that stuff? Would you suffocate? I’m sure I don’t own more than a few hundred items of clothing — if that — and there’s no way I could sleep if all of them were piled on top of my bed. But 8,000? That’s just creepy!

Via Styledash

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