MadCatz MLG Xbox 360 Pro Circuit Controller Review

20120207_173300 [ad#ad-1] The new tournament grade controller has been specifically designed for the competitive and professional gamer. Engineered to perform at the highest possible level, the MLG Pro Circuit Controller is available now for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft® and the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system from Sony®. What MadCatz has created here is what I call a gamer dream. Is this is designed to pro-gaming specs but the have achieved with the controllers customization and comfort is second to none.

Almost every control layout is customizable except for the button, XYBA, LR, LB, RB, RR. The faceplate and palm rest are changeable, allowing you to give your controller a customized look. Its got a 6 feet cord that is detachable at the point of the controller for easy packaging in the carrying pouch that comes with the controller, it is also detachable close to the USB console connector in case some on trips over your wires, you controller doesn’t’ go flying.  But the unique aspect of the controller is the customization of the analog sticks and d-pad. yes you can pop them out and place them an where on your controller. Going for an Xbox 360 style setup to a PS3 style setup on you Xbox 360  MLG controller. Or you could come up with you very own custom setup


I have been impressed by the MadCatz MLG Controller for the Xbox 360, we got our first glimpse at CES 2012 and I can say after spending some quality time with this controller, this is the definitely controller to have at home on the road as a gamer.  Everything from the weight of the controller is adjustable to the style of controller you like and you control layout, giving you the best possible advantage in gaming you could ask for. Which is what every gamer wants and is looking for when playing their favorite game. The the controller have faults or issue, nothing serious to note, though I wished the lock and unlock mechanism for the d-pad/analog stick was a little looser. But I can live with that.  In all at the price Point of 4999 and the value will will get the controller,, “yes its price 440 more than a normal controller” but it isn’t a normal controller. I say the MLG PRO Circuit Xbox 360 controller is worth every penny and a solid, solid buy.



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  2. how much does it cost?

  3. Is it possible for me to buy one?

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