Mad Shoe Game- Episode 2 End of Season Sales

IMG_0071-01[ad#ad-1]I would love to say I have unlimited funds to buys shoes..sigh…woe is me. Although “Mad Shoe Game” is so ME, “As the Shoe Turns” could be the name of my endless shoe bargain hunt. This is what I go through:

Lesson 1.  TRY to avoid temptation? I hate to hurt their profit, but at the beginning of each season, I try to have a bit of restraint. Although I open the emails and look at new arrivals, once I get the gist of the new batch, I proceed to delete shopping emails so as to avoid temptation.

Lesson 2. PURGE, or at least try to. See Mad Shoe Game seasonal purge reference. So I try to take stock and see what I did NOT wear last year, and those turn into giveaways. I swear, this week I pledged to pull out every pair that has been neglected. I will wear each pair, and if by the end of the day if they are giving me blisters or making me limp, they go bye-bye.

Lesson 3. TRY not to have repeats. What do I have that looks a hell-of-a lot like the “New Arrivals”. Don’t be fooled, almost all of the styles have come full circle (I just wore a pair of 8 year old multicolor metallic shoes with a new H&M dress). This way I’ve taken stock and am less tempted to get the same ole black wedge.

Lesson 4. BE DIFFERENT. Look for unique…Interesting color? Pattern? Funky heel?

Lesson 5: THEN,  once the “%OFF” sales start, then I actually start to fill the shopping cart.


BCBGeneration:  Marshall’s$29 Half off sale, or BuyOneGetOneFree = $19.95 each




Alas, no I have not counted how many shoes I actually own….




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