Mad Catz Tritton Kunai Mobile Gaming Headset

Tritton Kunai Mobile-9 Today we take  a look at a brand new Tritton Kunai for the mobile generation, the Kunai Mobile Stereo Headset presents the perfect blend of strikingly cool style, premium audio quality.  Available in matte black, matte orange, matte blue, and matte red colors, the Kunai from Mad Catz features interchangeable, magnetic speaker tags, with each headset includes two extra sets – for a total of six tags – to provide more options for adding personal style.  The TRITTON Kunai MobileStereo Headset is compatible with most popular handheld consoles, Windows PC, and Mac, as well as smart phones and smart devices, including most iPhones with its in-line mic controls, the Kunai provides the ability to adjust volume, answer calls, and control music on-the-fly via the convenient in-line audio controller.

Lets talk performance, because I will say I was impressed in how well the Tritton Kunai Mobile handled in terms of game audio, as well as music listening. The in-line mic did a good job in create a great audio experience to listen to and the Headphones themselves handle audio very well with rich acoustic and some heavy bass. Users will find the Kunai Mobile to be comfortable, and a pair of headphones that will meet their mobile gaming needs. I think at its $79.99 price tag, the Tritton Kunai Mobile lives up to its design moniker, “The TRITTON Kunai range was designed to deliver an ideal balance of performance, value and aesthetics, a combination which has resonated with the passionate gamer.  Today’s announcement will allow us to introduce Kunai to a broader mobile segment who we believe will be extremely receptive to our headset.”