Lumia 530 Review: The Burner Phone

SAMSUNG CSC The Lumia 530 is a smartphone I absolutely love for its price and functionality, Microsoft has created what I would like to refer to as the first true burner smartphone. Something you can use on the go, lose and no stress about and easily pick up starting at just $49.99 on cricket Wireless, $69 at BestBuy & Microsoft Stores and $79.20 from T-Mobile. So for just under $80 you have a very serviceable smartphone that can do all you smartphone things, makes calls comes with Windows 8.1 and even runs Cortana on its very minimal specs; Snapdragon 200 with 512mb ram, 4GB of storage ( microSD up to 128GB) and a 5MP rear camera. Still with all that an a 1430mAh battery, you get solid 24hr performance with the Lumia 530 on a device that sport a 4-inch display. There is a lot packed in benefit that this device provides and one anyone can take advantage of independent of price and stature. This is a solid smartphone for a beginner, someone who ends a spare phone or just someone with $50.


  • A quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that delivers a fast user experience for apps, gaming and internet browsing on a bright 4-inch LCD display
  • Access to the ever-growing Windows Phone apps portfolio with some of the most popular apps like Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Skype and Maps pre-installed
  • A 5MP rear camera with downloadable Nokia Lenses plus signature Lumia photo apps such as Lumia Creative Studio and Lumia Selfie, which helps people take quality voice-guided selfies
  • A microSD card slot that can increase storage capacity by up to 128GB – or enable users to run apps right from the microSD card