Logitech Wi-Fi Broadcaster Review

182c3e4hwjb52jpg The Logitech Wi-Fi broadcaster is a very cool  webcam for Macs that uses you home Wi-FIito create a webcam that is un-tethered to your computer. You can record video over Wi-Fi directly to your Mac, iPad or iPhone.  No cords, no restrictions. For more control, you can also use the Broadcaster app on your Mac, iPad or iPhone to manage the broadcast, post announcements on Facebook and Twitter, and interact with viewers in real time. you can also pair the Broadcaster with your Mac’s built-in camera using the Broadcaster app and record two different views simultaneously. The Broadcaster is easy to set up, and very easy to use. giving you the ability to use in a dual camera setup is nice. The one thing that may cause a hindrance is your wireless setup. If you have a solid router. it should give you any issues. Overall I like the  Broadcaster; its a great tool for an aspiring YouTuber and blogger on the go.

Key Points

  • Easy to setup
  • Functions as a second camera
  • Mic port availability
  • Directly link to Ustream
  • (Only Mac compatible)