Logitech K830 All-in-One Keyboard

K830-3 Got to love Logitech, they find ways in upgrade and make basic tech accessories like an All-in-One keyboard and mouse more useful. Which bring me to the Logitech K830 ALL-in One Keyboard, which boost all backlit keys and a clean smooth layout that should make it a breeze to use. The keys are individually backlit to give you easy access at night, while the trackpad is smooth with a double click function, plus you do have two clickable mouse keys below the trackpad. You also have a full complement of volume controls as well Windows 8 based shortcuts.

What I liked most about the K830 was the build finish and the 10 day charge battery cycle which is great. I have been using this with my Xbox One and HTPC and it has been great. Pricing wise its a bit steep at $99, but you get an all-in-one keyboard that I have little to no complaint on and one that works very well.