Libratone Lounge Review: A sleek living room experience

Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2-3 The Libratone Lounge is the largest and probably the most elegant speakers from Libratone. The Libratone Lounge is a soundbar of a different kind that provides slick elegance and audio fidelity at its highest point.  The first things you notice with the Lounge is the traditional Libratone styling with the Italian wool wrapping around the speaker, there is a single button in the front of the Lounge that acts solely as a power switch and nothing more. As with all Libratone products, audio through WiFi for Airplay & DLNA audio playback are the mainstay, with the ability to connect to a TV set via optical cable or line-in cables.

At first it can be a bit jarring not having a remote control to come with your soundbar especially one that retails for $1,299.. But using the Libratone app on either my Smartphone or Tablet is a very seamless and natural process( app needs to be updated to support multiple user & smartphones). Besides that, the audio quality of the Libratone Lounge is absolutely outstanding, with precise clarity and a full sound range to complement your listening taste. Plus the amount of Bass from the system is balanced and well mixed. Simply put the audio derived from the Libratone Lounge is spectacular.

The Libratone Lounge is a very impressive soundbar and audio device, that fills your living room with clean clear stellar sound.Yes the Lounge is priced like a premium audio device and it should be. this is one price of home audio that I would full recommend and see as an essential audio purchase.



  • Libratone Lounge plays music like an acoustic instrument, dispersing sound waves in all directions and reflecting them off the walls giving a 360-degree Full Room sound experience.
  • Apple Airplay technology streams high-quality audio wirelessly from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad to your Libratone Lounge.
  • The Libratone Lounge Speaker with Airplay technology is easy to use simply select the music you want to listen to on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Mac, press play and listen.
  • The Libratone app (available free from the App Store in iTunes) allows you to enhance and customize your Full Room musical experience.
  • Libratone Lounge stems from a long line of Scandinavian design classics minimalistic elegance means it blends in yet stands out at the same time.