LG Tone infinim Bluetooth Headset Review


Taking a look at the LG Tone Infinim Bluetooth headphones initially brings about a sense of confusion, but also curiosity as the headphones take a step out of the norm in industrial design. Calling them headphones would be doing them a disservice as no point do you put this device on your head. LG has taken the approach of making headset as discreet and functional as possible, making the neck the main proponent of it’s usage. Taking it a step further, in order to maximize functionality of the device, LG included retractable earbuds that fit snuggly in your ear, as well as the holding spots.

Overall, even though the design is definitely different, and in practice, genius as it creates much more flexibility with numerous tasks such as running, weight-lifting, and/or daily activities, it does feel rather cheap in building materials. It’s light weight is despective, and the various buttons on the device that control volume, track control, and buttons for the retractable earbuds. All of them feel plasticky, generic, and give off the allure of possibly breaking in future use. It’s a shame since it takes away from what overall is a compelling new take on what the “headphone” genre can become. There were times in use that I totally forgot about the LG G3 headset being on my neck. It stands as a fashion statement unknowningly as I’ve been stopped many times asking what was actually on my neck.

When it comes to the actual sound quality of the LG headset, it’s more or so a mixed bag. The earbuds do well in blocking out external sound for a more enhanced hearing experience. However, the amount of volume excluded by the buds are pretty soft and lack any real “humph”. The bass comes through clear and helps with the hearing experience, but I ended leaving with the impression of a lot more to be desired. There actually is Harmon Kardon Clari-Fi technology incorpoated into the headset, but to be honest, it’s more of a marketing selling point than actual improved sound.

You may not know it, but this brand of LG headsets are the best selling right now, which adds credence to the fact that it’s a good product. However, for $150, purchasing the headset seems like a stretch. There are so many more higher quality headphones on the market for that price. It’s all dependent on whether the functional design of the Tone Infinim outweighs the sound quality of the competitors.