LG Optimus G Pro Review A Worthy Phablet

LG Optimus G Pro-4 AT&T is the land of new smartphones, and LG’s latest smartphone announced earlier in the year is now available on the network. The Optimus G Pro is a LG Optimus G Pro, is LG’s answers to Samsung’s ever popular Galaxy Note II. Packed with a 1.7ghz Quad-core snapdragon processor with 2GB of ram. A 1080p 5.5-inch Full HD IPS screen, a 13MP camera. LG Optimus G Pro features a stylish ergonomic design with a narrow screen bezel delivering a more comfortable in-hand experience and great “pocketability.”  Hardware features enhance productivity while providing fun, entertaining moments.  QuickRemote is a universal remote application that utilizes the built-in Infrared (IR) sensor. Overall the Optimus G Pro a very solid smartphone and effort from LG. It provides a solid performance with a very good camera and great battery life that many user will find very useful.


LG Optimus G Pro Camera Shots