LG G2 Review: A smartphone poised to Compete

LG G2-12 Android Smartphones are ever-changing, the LG G2 is a flagship Android 4.2.2 device with some cool innovative changes that aren’t clear till you flip the device around to reveal the power and volume buttons right below the 13MP camera. Lets talk about specs for a bit, the LG G2 is powered by a    processor, clocked at 2.26Ghz, which makes this baby sing, along with the GDDR Ram for graphics which makes all the tradition and graphic elements of the UI flow well.  LG has updated their interface to Intuitive UX which looks a lot less cluttered then before.  The LG G2 is the first  on the market today to feature 24 bit/192kHz Hi-Fi playback that reproduces studio-like sound– yes listen to music off the LG G2 sound sublime, though you will best enjoy it through your headphones rather than the speakers, which I think are poorly placed.

OS & Performances

The LG G2 houses a snapdragon 800 processor; so what does that mean to that lay man. Simple, this is the fastest processor currently available on the market , and its performances show son the G2. The intuitive UX with Android 4.2.2 runs butter smooth without an hiccups. LG’s intuitive UX is not well-known too many. I some respects it does resemble the touch Wiz from Samsung, which might confuse some. But LG has added a lot of cool extra that does set it apart. For starters and what I think is totally awesome, is the ability to have multiple home screen wallpapers. Something I think every Android device I think should incorporate. Next is the ability to customize your on-screen button to whatever layout you feel most comfortable with. There is also Slide Aside, which is LG’s gesture  functionality for multitasking which is pretty cool, though you have to gesture application into Side Aside mode before use.  You still have the quick memo feature which is a great way to easily turn you smartphone into a digital note pad without opening an app.

Camera & Gaming

Gaming on the LG G2 is an all around solid experience with its Snapdragon 800 processor. From our game play sessions we experienceCAM00081 not a single hiccup and the smoothest possible;  view & read more here.  The LG G2 packs a 13MP camera with OIS. What that translates to is better photos and steady video capture. In terms of Video capture OIS does show its worth with the LG G2- recording while walking or shaky hands did look better while viewing. Images came out well in regular setting, and low light shots with the G2 look great. Take a look at the camera sample below.


The LG G2 is a well crafted piece of hardware , with its 5.2-inch 1080p HD display with a super thin bezel. A very solid camera that jumps into the low light foray with solid performance. Plus the added OS features are a nice touch that really puts the LG G2 in a position to compete against the competition. To point some negatives, the speakers produce a low volume yield and doesn’t showcase the awesome  24 bit/192kHz Hi-Fi playback audio levels of LG G2.  The one thing that may hold the G2 back is it s UI similarities with the S4’s UI. Still I really do like this device and even though the power button and the volume controls are at the back of the device. It does take some getting used to but it works. the LG G2 brings some new innovations that sets it out to compete against the pack & I liek its chances.