Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Review: Close Refinement!!!

Yoga 3 pro-27

The Yoga 3 Pro is one laptop, convertible Windows 8.1 device I have  been waiting for. After the stellar performance of the Yoga 2 Pro  from 2013. Lenovo had a high bar to pass with its latest offering. The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro bears the same morphing form factor capabilities that adapts to what you as its predecessors with the 4 different useability modes; but with updated design features and launching on the new low power sipping Core M processor from Intel. A new 13.3 QHD+ IPS display (3200×1800), 8GB of ram with up to 512GB SSD storage. Two USB ports with the power port acting as a third USB port—seriously why didn’t anyone think of this earlier.  All that with a new watch band hinge that has allowed for a thinner design frame one of the best looking laptops I have seen in a long time, and  that aids the definition of new razor-thin designs. The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro sports a stunningly thin look as well is remarkable weightless feel. Unique to the industry is the Yoga 3 Pro ‘watchband’ style hinge design that is stronger yet thinner and allows the Yoga 3 Pro to lay completely flat as well as more comfortable to hold when folded into a tablet.

 The new Intel Core M processor (previously code-named “Broadwell Y”) was purpose-built to deliver the optimal blend of mobility and performance. The low thermal requirements allow for super thin designs. The Core M has sufficient
power for office and multimedia purposes as well as most applications. This is where I have issues with the Yoga Pro 3, The M70 processor is by no means a bad processor. But I don’ think it was meant to run a laptop. With that said I got about close to 7 hrs of battery life on balanced power with moderate use and about  5hr 30min on high performance with moderate use. I will add that on High performance the Yoga 3 Pro handled fantastically especially during video editing but of course the trade of is battery life.  Though I did get solid performance on the M70 using the different performance modes, the low battery output that its predecessor was the one thing I will fault the Yoga 3 Pro ( though that might fall on Intel more).

Still the Yoga 3 Pro is a stellar laptop that improves on its predecessor with a few faulty; starting at $1,299 it is a solid purchase and one I would recommend.