Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Review: The Best laptop of 2013

Yoga 2 Pro-3 Lenovo proved last year the PC market wasn’t dead and windows 8 was relevant with the original Yoga line of laptops. The Yoga 2 pro is the crowning achievement in Lenovo push to continually innovate in this space. The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro takes a proven winner of a machine with its morphing multimode form factor still as its calling card and provides new welcomed design enhancements on both the inside and out. Housing the  latest 4th generation Haswell processors and loaded with Windows 8.1, the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro has been refined to produce an even more efficient way for users to take full advantage of unique 360-degree flip and fold design. One of the newest features  of the Yoga 2 pro is the high-resolution QHD+ touchscreen with a resolution of 3200×1800. This incredible resolution is improved upon with IPS technology. The benefits of IPS include a 72% color gamut that produces vivid colors, brighter backlight, and very wide 170° viewing angles. With 350 nits, it is 16% brighter than the previous Yoga 13. Lenovo has gone ahead and made the QHD+ display a standard for the Yoga 2 Pros on all price ranges starting at $929 for the Core 13 4th Gen Haswell to $1,399 for the Core i7 speced ultrabook.

So why do I consider the Yoga 2 Pro the best laptop of 2013. its easy, it does what the Yoga did, but only better. The Yoga 2 Pro’s multimode makes using Windows 8.1 a breeze and really points out Microsoft’s vision for computing . Plus you have the added benefit of the new Intel Haswell processor that give a huge boost in performance as well as an excellent battery life, of  more than 10hrs. Lenovo has crafted a machine that stands up to anything the competition throws at it. Its display best the Apple’s retina, come sin at an affordable price range and does pack all you need in a computer. In terms of price, quality and  usability. So for me this is the best laptop for 2013, because it hits all those marks in stride and makes me as a user really want to seat down and use the Yoga 2 Pro as my laptop, tablet and all-purpose computing device