Lenovo Horizon 2S Review

Lenovo Horizon 2S-3

If you are a fan of the Horizon Line from Lenovo, like I am, then the Horizon 2s is yet another device in that line that will solidify your fandom. At just 19.5 inches, the 2s is a portable desktop PC that feels more like an oversized tablet than a full blown Windows 8.1 desktop. Yet it still delivers all the functionality and features you’ve come to expect from the Horizon series, from Lenovo. Don’t be fooled by the size of the Horizon 2s. With a thickness of just 0.62 inches, this device still packs many features you’d find in any Windows 8 laptop, while providing the most portable all-in-one you’ve ever experienced. With an intel core i5 processor at 1.7GHz, 4GB of memory, 500GB of HDD space and integrated intel HD 4400 graphics, this thin, sleek device, provides enough power to keep you connected and productive.

Like the Horizons before it, the 2s includes the Aura UI, promoting a multi-user environment suitable for gaming and sharing between 2 or more users. You will be able to share your pics and videos as well as participate in cooperative or versus gaming using the Aura 2.0 UI. Some of the kid friendly titles include; Lenovo Air Hockey, Tarzan Unleashed, Crayola Color, Draw & Sing, to name a few.

A cool new feature on this device is the integrated connectivity for the provided wireless mouse and keyboard. Whereas on other Horizon devices, you’ve had to give up one of your USB ports to a unified wireless dongle for the Mouse and Keyboard, on the Horizon 2s all you do is pop in the batteries and you’re ready for action, without the necessity of connecting a unified wireless dongle.

Like many of the Horizon AIO (that’s All-in-One for the uninitiated) the Horizon 2s can be used while away from a tethered power connection, for a limited time. This give it extra mobility especially given its light weight of only 5.4lbs.

The most compelling feature of this device is truly its size, which begs the question, “How many ways can you imagine using it?” I’m a fan of this line of PC from Lenovo, so I might just be a bit biased when I say that this might just be the best AIO PC I have ever encountered. So, If you’re in the market for an AIO PC with unparalleled mobility, please free to indulge in the Horizon 2s.