LELO Lyla Review


[ad#ad-1]From the first moment I opened the box, I didn’t expect what I found inside. Within an elegant black box, just like I was receiving high-end jewelry, there was my new Lyla; it was extremely well laid out with the grace and elegance that you rarely find in a personal massager. I found two items before me; a round diskette controller and an oval shaped wireless massager with a removable silver tip for charging.

Upon picking them up, they were light and smooth to hold; the soft silicone-like material that covers the massagers are extremely soft. I charged the oval massager and put two AAA batteries (included) into the controller. While waiting, I began to read the manual to familiarize myself with my new Lyla. Once charged, `I began to experiment with Lyla; syncing can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, its not too bad and can be activated with relative ease.

The sense motion on Lyla allows the one holding the controller to understand what the other party is feeling and experiencing. Furthermore, the one in charge of the controller can control the strength of the vibrations by tilting the disc; they can also shake it for intense pulse. The range of the Lyla is fantastic; enough for you to be in the opposite side of the room, yet still share the experience. Although it can be slightly loud at times (especially with the disc), the vibrations on it are magnificent, both in strength and intensity. There are multiple settings you can experiment with to find your preference. The toy is also a heaven to clean, due to its smooth surface. Overall, our experience was absolutely marvelous and every time I use it I find something else new about it.

This is the perfect gift for your partner for every occasion and situation, especially with Valentines Day quickly approaching. Although it does not sparkle like jewelry, but just as stylish and elegant, it certainly brings its own sense of grace and personality; unlike jewelry, it is something both you and your partner can enjoy everyday.




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