Kingston MobileLite Wireless Reader G2 Review

SAMSUNG CSC Kingston has been known for their expertise in the hard drive department for quite some time and being known for portable power hasn’t been a staple of what they do. With the introduction of the Kingston MobileLite Wireless Reader G2 Kingston is adding a new feature set and experience when it comes to their products. The nice and compact design of the reader is one of the highlights of the device as fitting into a purse or pocket of a book bag will be no issue. The matte black finish on the upper and lower part of the body with a plastic border keeping it together adds for a nice aesthetic design, rather than the generic look devices in this category usually have. It only comes in White/Black, but they both compliment what the device is meant for very well.


The most important feature of the reader is undoubtedly its storage readability, and as always Kingston never disappoints in the area. Compatible with SB and SD – reads SD, SDHC, SDXC and microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC (with included adapter) you’ll have no issues in finding a supported memory card for the reader to recognize. It also takes common formats such as FAT, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT. Local Storage is an element of the G2 reader that will make the experience of transferring content to a mobile device much easier, as the process before has always been a bit technical. The G2 reader can be recognized as a wireless network for two purposes. One being the ability to be synced with the Mobile Lite App (via Google Play Store, Apple Store, Amazon Store) and transfer content such as video and photos seamlessly. The app also acts a viewer for the content on the memory card.

Wireless Router

The second purpose for the Wi-Fi add-on is the ability to utilize the internet port located on the side of the G2 reader and turn any internet connection into a wireless hotspot. This combination is genius on Kingston’s behalf as having a mobile reader on hand probably means you’re going to be “mobile” and may find yourself in a situation where you don’t have free access to wireless internet. The G2 reader solves those problems as well as acting as a wireless router in your home if you don’t have one already.

Power Storage

This feature on the G2 reader I call the “icing on the cake’ feature as it basically makes the device a Swiss army knife for techies and consumers alike. The G2 reader includes a 4640mah battery pack inside in order to charge mobile devices on the go. That’s about 2 full iPhone charges and with the bigger devices out there, a full days charge with a little bit left over to juice up. If using the unit for a wireless router, you’ll get about 13 hours of continuous use, which again is a hell of a feature for a device that it only meant for storage based features.


A device with all these features and capabilities would make you think that Kingston is asking for a beefy price tag to coincide with it. Thankfully Kingston doesn’t see it that way and wants to give you a bang for your buck with a price of $59.99. This is by far the best priced device on Kingston’s website, where you can find the device, as well as Amazon and Newegg. If you search around hard enough you can find the device for as low as $47, so all in all in, if you’re looking for a next generation mobile reader unit and are looking for the best value, look no further than the Kingston Mobilelite Wireless Reader G2.