HTC One M8 Duo Camera 1080p sample & review



The HTC One M8 comes with a new Ultrapixel Duo camera which is meant to creat new and improved photo imaging oppurtunities. The Duo Camera boasts a depth sensor in addition to the main HTC UltraPixel module, capturing detailed depth information from a scene and enabling a range of beautiful and creative effects that allow you to do more with your images than ever before. Instantly create professional-looking portraits by altering the focus of your image after the photo has been taken with UFocus or make your subject stand out in a more surprising way by altering the background with creative effects using Foregrounder. You can also give your best shots a seasonal flavour using the Seasons animations

Below you will find a 1080p video sample from the HTC one M8 in both daytime and night time as well as stills

 1080p Camera Sample

Duo Camera