Ghost Recon Future Soldier Pro GamePad for Xbox 360 Review

IMAG0227[ad#ad-1]The Ghost Recon Future Soldier Pro GamePad for Xbox 360 is equipped with a pair of unique, easily accessible Combat buttons for on-the-fly custom remapping. Designed in conjunction with the game’s development team, the custom remapping feature acutely enhances the gameplay of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. MadCatz had going to greatly lengthens to ensure this controls gives you the best Ghost Recon Future Soldier experience for Xbox 360. Granted in this review we weren’t able to test the game out with Ghost Recon Future Soldier, we decided to give it a test run on Call of Duty MW3 to see how it faired.

The are few cool features MadCatz has added to this controller; like Powerful PrecisionAIM slows the on-screen aiming reticule and assists in with optimum control and pinpoint accuracy. Removing your thumbs from the analog sticks to perform in-game squad commands via the action buttons or D-Pad can be a death sentence for your in-game character. By assigning the most important and most frequently used squad commands directly to the switches which control the remap feature, you can keep both thumbs on both analog sticks throughout the entire game – – an exclusive feature found only on MadCatz Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Pro GamePads. You have also got 9.8ft of durable  braided cable to ensure lag-free gameplay, vibration feedback technology to feel all the action, plus ergonomic non-slip grips for comfort during extended tours of duty, the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Pro GamePad is the weapon of choice for fans of third-person action shooters.

Located where your ring fingers normally grip the bottom of the controller, these XL, textured buttons are easy to find and can be used without removing your fingers from other controller buttons. Simple selector switches allow you to quickly remap action button and thumbstick commands to the oversize Combat buttons.

There are some aspects of the MadCatz Ghost Recon Future Solider Pro GamePad that I do not like; the controller can get sweaty with intense gameplay ratherquickly. Also there is no way to turn of the LED light saround the analog sticks. and option there would be nice. Overall the MadCatz  Ghost Recon Future Soldier Pro GamePad for Xbox 360 is a solid controller overall, giving gamers the right precision and aim plus some customizability need for solid gameplay session.

Product Specifications:
  • Braided 9.8 (3m) Cable
  • Quick-fire Triggers
  • Remappable Action Buttons
  • Vibration Feedback Technology
  • Backlit Analog Stick Modules
  • Ergonomic Non-slip Pistol Grips

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Ghost Recon Future Soldier Pro GamePad for Xbox 360


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