Exclusive: Interview with Sam Huntington of Being Human

Sam&I2 So it’s mid-afternoon on a Sunday and you’ve been hanging out having a great time with one of the lead actors of the SyFy show Being Human, so what do you next? Well you top it off with an interview so that’s what we did.  Sam Huntington who plays the character Josh (a werewolf) was kind enough to sit down for about 12 minutes and we spoke about everything that came to mind.  Now, I did have a list of items I wanted to cover, but when you’re in a good place, you sometimes forget to address a few.  Case in point, the ill-fated television series Cavemen.  In all honesty it was probably best we never got to it even though it came up earlier in the day. Sam is a local boy coming from Peterborough, NH and would you believe he’s been acting for 18 years.  As he says, he’s been really lucky. But I think talent has a lot to do with his success. We discussed Being Human, Not Another Teen Movie and other acting credits as well as life in Montreal, a city I almost moved to many years ago. He’s genuinely approachable and super friendly. It’s my pleasure to bring to you this interview for you all to enjoy.

In case you were wondering, we filmed this in the offices of the Shriner’s Auditorium in Wilmington, MA, hence all the trophies. There were cases full of them, most off screen.

And why title an interview description with “Poop” and “Pee”?  Well, listen to the entire interview and you’ll hear why in the 11th minute.

You can follow local-boy Sam Huntington on Twitter at @SammyHuntington.

You can follow the show Being Human (even though it’s complete) at @BeingHumanSyFy and at www.syfy.com/beinghuman.

Hakan Y Can Twitter: @WrathofCan