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ELSE Mobile OS Demo

else front

The ELSE OS display looks and feels straight out of minority report with a very intuitive feel that responds well to its one handed nature. The device and OS is not limited to single handed functionality, there is also full touchscreen capabilities on a 3.5 inch captive screen as well as, 5.0 mega pixel camera, A-GPS, 1450mh battery and up to 32 GB of Flash memory

What is really unique about ELSE is its very fresh approach at providing a different and functional user experience that sets apart within the mobile space. I suggest you watch the video and enjoy


Else specs

Snapshot(15) Snapshot(13) SDC10352 Snapshot(14)


ACCESS and Emblaze Mobile introduce ELSE at CES

The Linux-based mobile OS of your dreams

The Apple of old, before they join the Dark Side…

Finding the Right Virtual Identity –

The Mobile companies are always coming up with the best new phones, from features to quality, and let’s not forget about the look, which is very key to the hip, chic and gadget snobs.

In 2010, there will be a new addiction, a new category in mobile devices—the First ELSE. This new device will bring new meaning to ‘user experience’ and the CEO, Amir Kupervas and

CTO, Eldad Eilam of First ELSE will have the device on hand at CES 2010 in Las Vegas.

It is NOT a cellphone, feature phone, smart phone or any phone for that matter.  It is the first EVER DEVICE to really combine all-in-one and actually save money for users.  You are probably wondering if this is another gimmick.  No, it is the new holistic approach, designed to be application-centric rather than phone-centric. This device becomes the best of breed — Email will be like the blackberry, the music like an iPod, camera like a Nikon or Canon.

The user interface of the First Else is designed around single-handed operation, using a capacitive touch screen so that users can select actions and information using their thumb alone. The applications share a single database, so that each one has access to key information, e.g. the handset can display information about the caller, including the last email they sent.  First Else include noise cancellation to cut out any background din, a conference call generator to make it easy to set up multi-party calls, and an audio call log that enables users to play back recent voice calls. The handset also features a silent communication mode. If the user is in a meeting, callers hear a menu telling them the user is busy, but giving them the option to press a key and send an alert if the call is urgent. In addition, a photo album application, meanwhile, features geo-tagging so that images can be grouped together based on where they were taken.

Additional features include:

· 5yrs of development and collaboration between over 20 top technology companies.

· Sharp as OEM Partner

· Access as SW & Server Platform partner – Linux Platform 3.0 based touch interface

· Hardware: based on a TI OMAP 3430 processor with a built-in GPU for graphics acceleration (the same as used in the Palm Pre smartphone) with up to 32GB Flash memory, a 5-megapixel camera, and a high-definition 854 x 480 resolution 3.5in screen suitable for showing movies

· 115mmx56mmx12mm for best agronomic handling

· Full capacitive touch screen, side touch button for one hand interaction,

· intuitive UI


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